May Spotify Playlist

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2018 was to finally branch out and listen to music other than the playlist I have made up of songs I’ve been listening to since basically 7th grade. It wasn’t until March I really committed to this resolution and actually started putting in the effort to listen to different things.

So, we’re now two months into me going out of my way to listen to music other than “Everything I Ask For” by The Maine on repeat daily, and this may be the best New Years Resolution I have ever made. To help me stick with this resolution and keep branching out further I’ve made a habit of listening to both my “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly” playlists generated by Spotify every week. I then pick the songs from the playlists that I really enjoy and add them to a playlist I’ve made for the current month. Usually, by the time I go through these two playlists, I’ve discovered some new artists and will dig further into what music they have on Spotify as well as look at any related artists that come up all while continuing to add any songs I find that I like to the playlist for that month. In the end I have a playlist full of both songs I’ve never heard before and songs I already knew but forgot existed or don’t feel got the appreciation they truly deserve the first time I heard them.

Biggest Discoveries of May:

  1. Shoobies may be my favorite band I have discovered through this process so far (Songs I recommend: Violet, Sunflower, Drama).
  2. I have been overlooking Weezer for years, and for that I would like to make a formal apology.

My May Playlist:

If you have any song or artist recommendations, see any songs on this playlist that you also love, or just want to talk about music more leave a comment or message me!


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